Shift Schedule (Roster)

Scheduling software for planning your shift work


Welcome to Shift Schedule (Roster)

Shift Schedule (Roster)  is a work calendar with an alarm clock for shift workers. The app is currently available for Android only.

Everybody can use the app as an advanced Alarm Clock that can be set to any date.

Shift work is a difficult one. But with our work calendar you can easily create your 4 on 4 off shift pattern, continental shift pattern or any kind of work rota.

It doesn’t matter if you have a night shifting, or are interested in a staff scheduling - it will help you.
Any shift worker who uses our schedule is able to track a work rota, find out how you work on the next New Year's Eve or plan something for closest matching day-offs with your friends.

Maybe you already work in a 4 day work week? Change your schedule calendar to reflect these changes.

Set shift days list and assign a date when to start and the app will build your infinite rotating schedule.

For Shift Workers

  •  Create and edit your rotating schedule or non-periodical work rota for unlimited period of time
  •  Use lots of predefined templates, like Continental shift pattern, 4 on 4 off shift pattern , or other to make schedule creation easy. Also it's possible to create a calendar from scratch.
  • Track you shifts and share your calendar with colleagues and family members
  • Connect multiple alarm clocks with your shifts and manage them in user friendly manner
  • Get information about your work time in the statistics window.
  • Add several crews to your schedule

For Family Members And Friends

  •  Ask your husband, wife or mom to share their schedule with you
  •  Create your copy of shared schedule, it’s as easy as clicking the link
  •  Add working schedules for all of your relatives to stay informed how to organize your next joint weekend

For Everybody

  •  Get very flexible alarm clock that don’t hardly connected to days of week
  •  Set up your alarms in friendly manner
  •  Set as many alarms as you need for any date from the calendar.
  •  Disable all alarms with one button during vacation or sick days.