Version 1.17.17 Is Available

Scheduling software for planning your shift work


What's new?

  • A Big Christmas Sale is available!
  • New storage options screen.
  • New purchase screen with promo actions support.
  • New comfortable indicator for important information in the main screen.

After a long period of silence the application has been updated to the new version. Let's take a closer look on the important new features

App Status Indicator

The most important feature is, of course, the app status indicator on the top part of the screen, just below the toolbar. Before that on this part of the screen there was only Next Alarm Clock information. Since now, this panel has become more informative. First of all, now it's clickable. After installing the app, it informs the users that there are no work rota created yet. After clicking the indicator, you will be moved to the page where you can start creating your first roster. After creating your shift calendar, this panel will be dynamic, showing you not only  your next Alarm Clock time, but also how your data is saved, and some other important information.

Storage options screen

Before now, it was unclear for the users how and where their data is saved. This update presents the new screen that shows in detail how your data is saved and managed.

There are three main modes for saving your data, and they depend on user account status.

  • Anonymous 
  • Logged in 
  • Pro Gold

For anonymous users only the local storage is available. After signing in, your data will be saved to the cloud automatically through a short period after you make any changes in the schedules. This type of account does not provide on-the-fly synchronization between user's devices. Your data is saved to the cloud, and will be loaded to the device at the time when you are signed in the next time.

Instead, Pro Gold users have all the cloud storage privileges. Data is synced to the cloud immediately after editing, and there is on-the-fly synchronization between all of your devices. If you have multiple devices or share your account between family members, Pro Gold is the best option to get a most comfortable experience. So, Big Christmas Sale is here for you!