Big Alarm Clock Update

Scheduling software for planning your shift work


       The Android operating system is constantly updated, and with each update, the system imposes more and more restrictions on third-party applications.

       The latest versions of Android try to give users as much opportunity as possible to control what and how happens on their devices. A few years ago, any program, running in the background, could quietly drain your device's battery, doing something only interesting to itself. Now such self-government is considered unacceptable. Android more and more deprives developers of the ability to do something secretly from the user. If earlier programs could safely run any background processes, now it must be explicitly allowed by you. Moreover, if earlier the policy was - what is not prohibited is allowed, then recently another trend has been observed - what is not allowed is prohibited.Of course, this makes perfect sense. We can all see that Android 13 is much more efficient in terms of power consumption. However, all this has its price. And it is that now, if the user completely trusts a certain program, and he needs certain restrictions not to be applied to it, he has to configure it himself. But very often it is difficult to imagine exactly what should be configured and how. Unfortunately, in Android there is no one place, one switch that would help, for example, to make sure that no restrictions are imposed on the operation of the alarm clock in the Shift Schedule (Roster). You can customize your shifts, add alarms for any dates, enable the alarm to ring on your first working day after vacation. But if you do not provide the necessary permissions, the system will simply kill the application and prevent the alarm from working. And this is certainly correct - what is not allowed is forbidden. But do you know exactly what permissions you need to give to the Shift Schedule if you use the alarm clock? Actually, it's not that simple. That's why we're releasing a major update that we hope should make this task easier.

       As you can see on the screenshot above, we have collected on the one screen all the conditions that must be met in order for the alarm to be functioning properly. You can get to this screen from the Settings. Open the side menu and select Settings - Alarm system settings. You'll also be able to get here directly from the alarm management screen in case we find something goes wrong.

       What else is in our latest update? Attentive users, looking at the last screenshot, will immediately understand that the design of the screens has changed. Yes, we are starting to update the design of our app to Material You.

       So far, this is just the beginning, and we have a lot of work to do. Therefore, we hope for your support. As always, we ask you, if possible, to share your impressions with us. First of all, your feedback on the Play Market (link here) is very important to us. Whatever you write there - it will be very valuable information for other users. In case of you have any troubles, please email us and we'll provide the support.